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“Red Flag” Top 10 Warning Signs that You Need to See a Doctor

One of the top reasons that we get referrals to our pulmonary rehab is because patients are either having frequent flare-ups or hospitalizations. It can be not only be very costly for a person to have a hospital stay but it can also set them back weeks to months for recovery. Many physicians will also say that early intervention when a person becomes ill or has a flare-up can also help to slow down the progression of their chronic lung disease.

If you recognize you have one or more of the following symptoms, CALL YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.

1. Increased shortness of breath, wheezing, or coughing

2. Tightness in the chest that won’t go away

3. Chest pain

4. Mucus that has increased in amount, that has changed color, or is bloody

5. Increased fatigue

6. Increased swelling of the feet, ankles, or hands

7. A fever, chills, or dizziness

8. Friends are noticing that you are more forgetful, confused, or sleepy

9. Are feeling more irritable or short tempered and/or noticing changes in your personality

10. Sudden increase in weight of 2-3 lb. in a couple of days

It is always a good idea to have a plan with your loved ones for when you need medical attention. If you require transportation to doctor visits, know who you can call in a pinch to drive you to see a physician. Have emergency telephone numbers ready as well as a current list of medications that you are taking easily accessible in your wallet or purse.

***Keep in mind that the above list is NOT an “all inclusive” list as to when to see your doctor. I tell my patients all the time to trust their gut and if they are experiencing any symptoms that just don’t feel right or make them question if everything is okay… they should call their doctor and discuss their symptoms with them.***

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Christina Hunt
Christina Hunt
Oct 16, 2018

You are quite welcome my friend :)


Oct 16, 2018

Good info Chris, Thanks

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