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Welcome to BreatheLiveFit!
A Blog Devoted to People with Lung Conditions


This site was designed to help people with lung conditions live their best life.  After a chronic lung diagnosis, you probably have lots of questions about your ability to manage your lung condition and live a quality, fulfilling life. BreatheLiveFit is here to support and encourage you to enjoy life at its fullest and manage your condition from day to day.  The advice and support offered on this site comes from knowledgeable therapists in the respiratory field as well as pulmonary rehabilitation patients that show us each and every day that life is what you make it! You can find information on this site to help you on your journey of managing your chronic lung condition. Subscribe to our site and receive emails when new information is added.  We want you to gain confidence, manage your breathlessness, get fit and live life to its fullest!

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Before making any changes to your diet, or exercise routine ask your doctor if those changes are right for you. Not all of the content provided by this site is appropriate for all lung conditions.

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